We have specially selected the best coins according to their purpose. This top 5 ranking could turn into a powerful cryptocurrency investment portfolio. When a trader relies on cryptocurrencies from different sectors, he can easily diversify his investment. If you are not a fan of long-term wallets and want to buy a coin to make some money, this article is right for you. You can also look at these coins, not only as investments but also as projects that can make your business easier. So there is our top 5.

Ripple (XRP)

There are two things that determine Bitcoin transaction times – amount of network activity and transaction fees.  A single Bitcoin block can handle up to 1MB of data every 10 minutes. This means that even though Bitcoin blockchain consumes as much electricity as Ireland, it can only handle 7 transactions per second. This is a problem because 7 transactions per second (TPS) is a very small number. To understand just how small it is, consider that PayPal processed 450 transactions per second on Cyber Monday 2015. Visa can handle up to 24,000 TPS. Having a low transaction time does not render a lower value. It simply means that the technology isn’t the best for fast transactions – at least in its current form. If you think that is a problem for you and your transactions and you want also to invest and wait for a huge profit you may invest in Ripple (XRP).

Ripple is a system with several core parts. One is a remittance network, another is the real-time gross settlement system (RTGS), and the third is a currency exchange. Unlike other crypto projects, Ripple doesn’t require much energy. That’s because it isn’t a true blockchain, meaning it can work without the electricity-intensive proof of work process Bitcoin and many other coins use. This keeps the network fast and efficient. Second, and perhaps more importantly, Ripple has fundamentally different settings from Bitcoin. A new block is created every 10 seconds. This lets the network handle up to 50,000 tps – more than Visa – with transactions taking 10 seconds. All of these features make Ripple the best-known, most widely supported fast coin on the market today.

GameCredits (GAME)

If you want to combine the fun and the profit you can do it buying this coin. There are no such limitations, hence, certain veteran gamers and blockchain enthusiasts are trying to solve various problems faced by the gaming and eSports community in today’s world.

GameCredits (GAME) is the in-game payment currency for the gamers. It is also a peer-to-peer open source cryptocurrency over a transparent blockchain through which developers and gamers can receive payouts. It was incepted in 2015 under the name GamersCoin (GMC) and was later rebranded to GameCredits (GAME). It is primarily a technical clone of Litecoin (LTC) before SegWit, with some improvements here and there, specific to their gaming requirements. Using GameCredits directly has many advantages for developers as well. They get a share of 90% instead of 70% for their services on the GameCredits store. They can get their payments in a maximum of 60 hours, which is faster than any other platform in the market at present. There can neither be fraud payments using the payment gateway nor chargebacks. They can issue games free of cost with a minimum revenue share of 10% against 30% in comparison to GameCredits’s peers.

Rentberry (BERRY)

Looking to make the big decision of investing in real estate? If yes, you’re not alone. But as we know, this sector is not without its own challenges — finding the right property that comes complete with all the necessary documents have never been easy. What’s more, the transactions in today’s real estate sector lacks transparency and also turn out to be unnecessarily expensive due to the presence of middlemen such as lawyers, brokers, escrows and the likes. There’s no doubt that the presence of the third party and hidden costs can discourage people from making significant investment in this sector. But the good news is, there’s a sure way to accelerate the process and make it more secure — enter Blockchain technology.

Just head to this rental platform and of course, start bidding. Rentberry was formed in 2015 but started operations in late 2017; the platform has since grown to become Rentberry neighborhood. The blockchain platform unites tenants and landlords to allow for a decentralized rental experience that’s entirely free of agents and brokers. For the most part, Rentberry brings all services in one place including online rental payment, rental negotiations, e-signing agreements and more. Unlike traditional real estate contracts, prospective tenants on Rentberry will get to submit custom offers and at the same time, see other bids on a particular property. Of course, this transparency makes it easier to understand the entire process and make necessary adjustments.

It’s also good to know that every data (both tenants and landlords) on this platform is stored securely and cryptographically on the blockchain. What’s more, the platform uses ACH online rent payment to ensure smooth and secure transactions. With such a bank-level security, tenants can rest easy knowing that their financial details are in good hands. At the moment, Rentberry has over 120,000 users and 224,000 properties.

OneGram (OGC)

Stablecoins have earned a front row seat in cryptocurrency investments, because they provide more stability that cryptocurrencies generally enjoy.They show as the ideal way to connect best parts of crypto and fiat world. Stablecoins are mainly pegged to fiat currencies, gold or other precious metals. One token of gold-backed cryptocurrency usually equals one gram of gold. This gold must be held in reserve by some third party. In case of gold-backed stablecoins, the price wouldn’t fall below the current price of gold. New coins can be issued only when the actual gold reserve of the issuer grows. The most prefered coin for the invesors is OneGram (OGC).

OneGram project is based on physical gold asset backing each coin in the guaranteed ratio that one OGC equals one gram of physical gold (at least). Since the transaction scheme is designed the way it generates another gold determined for backing amount, this model is accumulative. The choice of gold as a backing asset wasn’t accidental. Since OneGram was designed as a cryptographically secured currency for Muslim users especially, gold is one of the six ribawi commodities (together with silver, wheat, barley, dates, and salt) which are free to trade in the Muslim world.

OneGram has several “the first” data in its birth certificate: it is the first gold-backed digital asset compliant with the Sharia rules; it is the first “live” gold-backed coinencased in DPoS blockchain; it is the most successful “Muslim” digital asset as for the volume of accumulated investment through ICO.

PotCoin (POT)

As the Washington D.C. have legalized the recreational use of marijuana for adults, while 33 states have legalized medical pot. These numbers are expected to grow as more states explore ways to make decriminalize the plant. Keep in mind, though, that marijuana is still illegal at the federal level, which makes it difficult for anyone conducting financial transactions even in states where pot is legal. Many users make their transactions with PotCoin (POT). Many traders are investing in companies with cryptocurrencies which make it easy for people in the marijuana industry—or simply those who want to buy some weed—to carry out transactions. Let me tell you something about POT.

PotCoin project is launched in January 2014, it was one of the earliest cryptocurrencies for the marijuana industry. It was designed to solve banking problems for people looking to transact in legal marijuana. Trading of Potcoin takes place directly between people without using a bank or clearing house. The creators of the currency wanted to capitalize on Colorado’s legalization of marijuana and even installed a PotCoin ATM at a marijuana dispensary in Colorado.

Its current market cap was close to $2.077 million, a big jump from $81,547 in February 2014. As for price, in February 2014, 1 PotCoin was worth $0.004625, which has now increased to $0.009337—that’s more than a 100% increase in its price. PotCoin is in limited supply of, you guessed it, 420 million coins, with more than 222 million in circulation. It trades on three markets and also transitioned to proof-of-stake, which allows people to mine or validate block transactions according to the number of coins they hold. An important caveat is that PotCoin claims transaction speeds of 40 seconds, which are pretty impressive compared to those for Bitcoin. The cryptocurrency announced some new features at the beginning of 2019 including HD Wallets, a reduction in synch times, promising a faster network synchronization to help boost the user’s experience.

This was our top 5. We hope you have discovered or rediscovered something new for the cryptocurrency world. If this is the case now, the crypto markets are super-dynamic and it’s easy to miss your chance. The future is in digital currencies, you saw above, you can do anything with them.


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